The importance of weekly ads for business

Advertising becomes the lifeblood of business, a key ingredient for business growth. Whether small start-ups or a large corporation, advertising, plays a significant role in the success of any business, no matter the size or industry. To create brand awareness and drive sales, there must be showcasing of products or services through advertisement. And while you are placing your ads, you want it to reach the right audience, that is, people that are interested in what you have to offer. Well, to achieve this, there must be consistency, and this is where weekly ad steps in. There are a number of reasons grocery stores start their weekly ads at a particular time of the week, It means advertisements must be done at the right time, to the right audience, on the right platform to get the right results. Remember, it’s either you sell or die. The good thing is the internet has taken over and is making things easier. Running weekly ads have passed the traditional newspaper and radio as online ads become more effective and can be run easily to reach a wide range of internet users. What is the importance of weekly ads for your business? First, what do weekly ads mean?

What do weekly ads mean?
Advertising is a promotional tool that involves the communication of products or services to customers in order to create brand awareness or sell a product or service. The aim is to educate, inform, persuade, remind individuals of your product or services. Ads are intrusive. It must be one that will get users to stop scrolling, read your ads, and see what you have to offer. This means it must be captivating, engaging, unique, and memorable.

Weekly ads simply mean your ads are being run weekly and you get to determine the time of the week when your ads are being placed on selected platforms. To know when to run your weekly ads, you need to know your industry, business, and your customer. For instance, if you have a grocery store and Saturday seems to be the busiest day for grocery shopping, why will you want to run your weekly ads on Sunday, a day after all grocery shopping has been done. Or if you run a company that sells swimsuits, it won’t be making sense to run your ads in the summer.

Moreover, consumer spending has been said to be on the increase in the beginning and the middle of the month and tend to be lowest when the month is running to an end. Something that can be attributed to the “paycheck effect”. Hence, you need to understand all this, know your business inside out, and plan your weekly ads strategy accordingly. Weekly ad scheduling is the key.

How effective are weekly ads does It creates brand awareness:
Do your potential customers aware of your brand or products? customers can only get to know about your business or brand only when you advertise. Not only that, you get to create awareness of your newly launched products or services or highlight the benefits of existing products only through advertisement.

It encourages repeat business
The business world is highly competitive and there is a wide range of other options, You only get to stay on top of your customer minds with weekly ads. Advertisement reminds your customers of why they love your product or services in the first place and why they need to keep picking you over others.

It drives business growth
Advertising is your business’s best friend. Not only does it create brand or product awareness, but it can also drive business growth. More awareness brings in more customers. More customers mean more sales. More sales mean more revenue which leads to business growth.

It allows you to monitor and review its performance
As you schedule your weekly ads, you can as well save and automate reports in order to easily analyze the performance of ads overtime and analyze trends. There are tools that you can make use of to see how your weekly ads are enabling you to achieve your business goals.

It established brand identity
Effective weekly ads can promote successful branding which creates a positive perception of your brand. Even when a customer does not buy your products right now, weekly ads will keep your brand in front of the consumer market and remind them of why you are their number one choice.

October 9th, 2020

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